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8 infallible tricks for newbie weed vaporizers.

Vaporizers are completely changing the way we consume marijuana, both for recreational and medicinal purposes. In this article, we discuss simple tricks that will help you use your dry herb vaporizer correctly.

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Steaming has forever changed the way people enjoy marijuana. By offering a robust and reliable way to consume cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes, but without the health risks associated with smoking, vaporizers are slowly becoming a popular item for most regular consumers. So thanks advance to modern vaporization technology for more portable and affordable than ever. Whether you are an expert vape user or a newcomer, here are eight simple tricks to vaporize the herb.

Weed vaporizer

Remember to follow these tips to achieve the best vaping experience and follow our blog.


The cold is always better. Remember that your vaping experience will only be okay as long as the grass is vaporizing. The process of vaporization resides in humidity. It consists of heating a substance to the point where the compounds that are part of it reach the boiling point and form a vapor that can be inhaled as if it were smoke. Therefore, it is always better to use fresh grass, as it is more likely to have higher concentrations of moisture.

Best weed vaporizer

The grass you put in your camera should not be too wet or too dry. An excellent way to verify the moisture content of your buds is to touch them. Your grass should not appear moist or moist to the touch, but not

or it should be dried to the point where it can break between the fingers like fine dust.


Once you have inspected and determined that your herb is suitable for steaming, the time has come to cut it. Mowing helps increase the exposed surface. In turn, this allows the heat of the vaporizer to penetrate the plant material better and produce pleasant, dense, and tasty steam. When vaporizing dried herbs, be sure to grind them well, evenly, not too much or too little. The best way to make this is through a manual or electric grinder. If you don’t have one of this bongs, chop your grass as you usually would. Just remember that if you want to get a uniform grind, it will probably cost you more if you don’t have a proper lawnmower.

Professional advice: Never cut more grass than you need to fill an entire chamber, as the remains of ground grass will dry much faster.


Temperature is the most crucial aspect of vaping. That is why it is vital that you adjust the temperature for each session, either vaping dry grass or concentrating. Unfortunately, finding the right temperature is not as simple as it seems. As a general rule, the temperature to vape must be between 180 and 210 ° C. However, and you will have to experiment to find the ideal setting. Different cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures and minimal variations in the moisture content of their cocoon or the texture with which they have bitten. Besides, many users argue that vaping at different temperatures produces different effects. Lower temperatures tend to make consumers more functional, with a clearer head, while higher temperatures often create an intense feeling of euphoria and relaxation.

These are some of the different boiling points of cannabis compounds, and they will help you find the best temperature for you:

Weed vaping temperatures for cannabinoids.

4. Fill it well, but not too much

smoking through a bong or a pipe, the way it fills the chamber of your vaporizer has a significant impact on the overall experience.

Again, you will have to find the right spot to fill your chamber with enough grass to generate the right amount of steam, but without passing.

At the same time, you are not interested in overflowing the chamber, as this could affect the flow of steam from the hose to the nozzle. Sometimes, filling too much can also damage the inside of your vaporizer.


Vaporizers are like ovens; they need a little time to reach their temperature. Just as you would not put a chicken in a cold oven, you should not put your herb in a vaporizer that has not given you time to heat. Fortunately, most modern portable vaporizers can be preheated in just a few seconds. Which means that the vaporizer will usually be ready when you finish grinding the grass. However, some older models or desktop vaporizers typically take a little longer to heat up. Regardless of the type of vaporizer you use, be sure to read its instructions and learn how to preheat it. And it will ensure that the herb vaporizes correctly and steadily, which will produce a vaping experience that you will enjoy every time.


When exhaling, remember to take short, soft puffs. When the vaporizers first appeared on the market. It became fashionable to take massive, long and deep winds from the mouthpieces as if you were trying to swallow a piece of fruit with a straw at the bottom of your smoothie.

Vaping, in this way, has two main drawbacks: the first thing is that giving long and intense bursts to your vaporizer. It can cause you to drag part of the herb from the chamber and insert it into your mouth through the mouthpiece. Second, constant pumping when vaping introduces cold air into the chamber. Ends up reducing the temperature of your vaporizer, so the device is more difficult to operate and ends up affecting the quality of your steam.


Combustion is the first thing you should avoid when vaping. Burning is what happens when the end of a joint, blunt, or bong is turned on. By burning your weed, you will be breaking down the chemical bonds inside and creating the so-called “free radicals.” These compounds can be combined to create hundreds of new compounds, most of which are highly toxic and carcinogenic. Keep in mind that the most likely reason you vape is precisely to avoid the adverse side effects of smoking. So take your time to experiment with different temperatures to find the ideal point that allows the best steam production, but without burning the grass.

The temperature tips mentioned above are a good starting point, but remember to take the time to test the settings during each session, to realize the differences in moisture content and physical consistency of your weed.


the best way to ensure an excellent vaping experience is to maintain your vape correctly. Vaporizers, like any other device, must be stored correctly to function properly.

When buying a vaporizer, be sure to read the maintenance instructions that the manufacturer includes in the instruction manual. Follow these steps and get used to cleaning your vaporizer frequently, as well as replacing parts as necessary.

Vaporizers can be quite costly. Remember to take care of it and keep it as good as any other expensive device.

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