How to detox from marijuana

Marijuana can be used for medicinal or entertainment purposes, but it may also prevent you from passing an important pre-employment drug test unless you know how to detox from it. So, what are the most trustworthy ways to get marijuana out of your system and how much time does it take to detox?

Drug tests often involve urinalysis, blood or saliva tests aimed at detecting metabolites of THC. Cannabinoids are normally accumulated in the system (hair follicles and finger nails included!) with the speed that depends on the number of factors: the frequency of use, the drug potency, the body fat rate, overall health, metabolism rates, and the amount of physical activity. You need to know that it will take up to several weeks for the body to do the job and remove all the weed traces. Alternatively, if you lack time before a drug test, you can assist the body in a number of ways and detox from marijuana much faster. Here are the three basic ways to choose from.

Natural detoxing

If you are a normal healthy person who can wait for the body to fight toxins over 4-6 weeks, sticking to a high-fiber diet, drinking much water, and exercising intensely can be a good solution. Of course, it goes without saying that you also need to stop consuming marijuana. At the same time, you can exercise a lot to burn some fat that accumulates metabolites and to flush the toxins together with sweat. Sweating is very helpful, so consider visiting saunas for additional detox therapy. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water and tea – in such way you will urinate more often, get more antioxidants, electrolytes and vitamins. But the most important thing is that you will flush the body faster. Avoiding water retention in the body also sounds reasonable, so do not eat red meat, junk and spicy foods rich in sodium and sugar. Instead, focus on nourishing food, lean meat, fruits and vegetables.

One-week detox program using detoxification products

If you have been informed about a marijuana drug test in about a week’s time, you can opt for detoxification products. Most of these are herbal supplements, capsules, chewable pills, drinks, and even mouthwashes or shampoos, to help you pass the drug test after ridding the body of metabolites. Mind that additional effects of detox products can make your urine samples suspicious over time.

Same-day cleansers

If you just have a day or two before the urinalysis and you are getting panic-stricken, it might prove effective to try same-day cleansers that can be purchased online. Acting as diuretics and laxatives, they will dilute urine and accelerate the urinary tract performance to flush THC and metabolites over a brief period of time. This means you can get a clean urine sample in less than 24 hours. However, you must be cautious about maintaining the needed urine’s specific gravity and the amount of creatinine.

Whatever option you choose, detoxing the body from marijuana is a tricky business, so it never makes you feel on the safe side.


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